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Consultancy Service is a business which needs all through professional & business approach in it. To be a top performer in this business one has to please the client first with ones design, creativity & innovation. Without satisfying the client with professional design skill one cannot continue to get enough work to survive & show ones skill. This simple formula is easier to write down than put into action. However this is exactly what “Design Studio Associates” strives to achieve.


As an adherent to modernist ethos we believe in new structures. By harnessing technology, a good modernist posits, we can use our resources including ourselves to create the maximum amount of surplus, whether of space or of value. This “too much” is that which is the heroic reality of the always new, the future, and the utopian. It is that which has no shape and comes about by reducing form to its minimum. Second, we believe in new ways of observation. Perhaps the world is already new, but we just don’t recognize it as such. We see only what we have been trained to perceive. If only we can look in fresh ways, we can change the world just by that act. We need to open our eyes, our ears and our minds to the realities of our existence. We strive to represent the reality of modernity. Fusing the first two aspects we transform our new perception into representations for the forms we have created. Such shapes are the prototypes for a reality in which things have become rearranged and dissolved to the point that all but the new disappears. By representing new things in new ways, we can build a new world and in habit it, if only with our eyes.


The Company’s top management has a long track record of Architectural & Interior Design work and Consultancy service. Their long Technical experience along with strong financial backup has given the Company a new dimension in this field. Individual experience of the management put together in the form of “Design Studio Associates” has all the potentials of becoming top performer in the field. The company has formed officially in 2011 and the company’s registered office is in Mohakhali New DOHS, House No-297(3rd Floor), Road No-29, Dhaka-1206.


Mr. Anamul Haque- Managing Director of Design Studio Associates, an Architecture & Interior Design Consultant. He started his carrier in this field in 1989 with Foundation Engineers & Architects Ltd. (FE&A Ltd.)




1. Junior Architect

Brief Description and Required Qualification.

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1. The City Bank Ltd.
2. Bhutan National Bank Ltd.
3. NRB Bank Ltd.
4. Dutch bangle Bank Ltd.
5. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.
6. Shimanto Bank Ltd.
7. Uttara Bank Ltd.
8. Anwar group.
9. Ha-Meem Group.
10. Epic Group.
11. Hossain Dying & Printing Mills ltd.
12. Renaissance Jewelry ltd.
13. Chevron, Bangladesh
14. Cairn Energy Sangu Field ltd.
15. Cemex Cement ltd.
16. Anwar Cement ltd.
17. Precision Energy Ltd.
18. National sports Counsil
19. Sinigdha Fashion Ltd.
20. Oasisi Fashion Ltd.
21. BD Finance capital Holdings Ltd.
22. AZ Clothing Ltd.
23. BD Finance Ltd.
24. Gazipur Circuit House
25. Gazipur DC office
26. Rupgonj AC land Office, Narayangonj.
27. City Bank Capital Resource Ltd.
28. City Brokerage House Ltd.
29. AG Motors Ltd.
30. Forward Placement Ltd.
31. Asgor Aviation Service Ltd.
32. Hi-Tech System Solution Ltd.

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+88 (0) 2 9848353

House No-297 (2nd Floor),
Road No-29, New DOHS Mohakhali,
Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh.


Md. Anamul Haque - anamul.md@dsaarch.net

Md. Nazmul Hossain - nazmul@dsaarch.net

Md. Ashraful Hoque - ashraful@dsaarch.net

Md. Shamsuzzaman - zaman@dsaarch.net

Mrs. Urmy Rahman - urmy.r@dsaarch.net

Mst.Taslima Nahar Mishu - taslima@dsaarch.net

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